Saturday, April 16, 2011

Me and my litte cute Adalie!

I have to add to my cousins with the newest girl, Adalie, and of course Her little brother cason. I can't believe Cason is One already. And it seems like Adalie was just born too. I love it when we get to see them because I've always wanted to have a little sister, so it's fun to see her, she is so cute. Everyone says when we we're both babies we looked a lot alike. We are now looking like cousins not so much twins.Haha! I love them so much, but I only get to see them when we met up at my Grandma's and Grandpa's house. Do you know why?! Well it's because they live in Iowa and I live in New Mexico! My Uncle Brett Adalie's Dad. He's in med school. That's why we live far apart. I miss her soooo much. There's also little cason! He's the cutest thing ever!! One time when I was whith cason I was kind of talking too him and he tried talking back to me. It was sooooo cute. I love to play whith Adlie too. Like after Chrismas I would alway's love too play whith her.
I really wish we lived closer together so we could see them more often. Here we are together the few times we've been able to see each other.
Adalie and I at aunt Monica's

Our sunny hike on Christmas Eve in Colorado Springs

Christmas at Grandma Sorensen's

I can't wait to see them again.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Macady!!!

Macady's my cousin from my dad's side of the family. She's my aunt Monica's daughter. Macady and I love making play's,song's and playing together. She's so nice she alway's let's me tag along with her when we get together. She is so fun! She alaway's take's care of me. I never feel bad when i'm around her because she would alway's include me. I love it when there's a holiday because I get to see my family and be with Macady. I want to put some pics of Macady and I.

macady and I when I was about 9 MO old and she was 5.

Staying at Macady's

I had so many pajamas on I almost smooshed Macady

Swimming at Macady's

Family Picture Day

Adalie, Me, Macady, and Nick
This summer we had Derick and Katie's wedding, so all of the Sorensen's we're able to get together. We had a lot of fun. We were able to go floating on the river and had a lot of fun in Idaho.

This is our Sorensen family at Derick and Katie's wedding in Idaho

We had a super fun Christmas too this past year and got to see a lot of each other. Hope to see you soon Macady and the rest of my cousins. I love you and all my cousins and can't wait to write about them.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Girl's night out CUZ, Morgan

I want to talk about my sista girl! Her name is Morgan. When I was in Idaho with my Grandma Jorgensen. I would have 2 boys in the house surrounding me. When I couldn't take the boy's any more Morgan would come save me and take me to do A Girl's Night Out! She would come save me and we would do secret girl stuff like eating out, doing nails, watching movies and talking girl stuff. We had such a fun summer too. We went camping a lot and Morgan always teaches me awesome songs. She taght me the booty pop.haha We got to float on the river and she let me ride in my first parade ever on the fourth of July!! It was cool to throw candy at Nick's face.hehe
Morgan and I in the parade. Throwing Candy
   I had such a fun summer but I saw some pictures when I was younger that I wanted to put in too
Morgan with me Nick and brady in colorado

Morgan and I, courtney and brady at Lagoon, my favorite. They always ride with me

Easter a few years ago, Morgan had brown hair. I like it, she's pretty both ways
Well here are the rest of some of the pics from this summer. It was so fun. Morgan had her sweet 16. I love her and can't wait to see her as soon as possible. I wish we lived closer. waahhhh
At west yellowstone, I'm Crazy when I'm with morgana

Morgans 16th b-day

I always laugh with her

At Mesa Falls

Booty Pop with Nick falling in the river

I miss you so much Morgan thanks for always being so nice to me. I love you and your family so much. I wanted to put a ton more but it takes me forever to type. My mom calls it chicken peking. I can't wait to see you and Aunt michell and Court and Ryker and Uncle Doug. Love you

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Cousin Courtney is getting maried!!

My cousin courtney is getting maried!!! You're probably wandring who she's getting maried too. I'll just tell you. His name is Ryker Morris. They met in high school in Rigbly Idaho. They started to date. Then Ryker went on a mission.My cousin courtney went to BYU Provo. They wrote to each other. That's how they met. Then he purposed! I love them sooo much!!!!

Court and Ryker

They are soooo cute


She is so pretty
There getting maried in the TEMPLE!!!! I think it's cool that they are getting maried in the Temple. There very important to me! They are a cute couple. There ment for eachother! I'm exitted. There getting maried 3 day's before my B-Day! Best b-day present EVER!!! I get too have two b-day parties! I cant wait to write about my other cousins but she is the star right now! Here are some pics of us together!
Courtney holding me at my blessing

Morgan, ryker n Nick, Michell n Me, Court n brady, bailee, todd, n Michele Before Ryker went on his mission

Staying with My Cousins

Court at her Senior Dance recital

After Court got her Senior pics the photo guy put a more than life size pic of her and that's Nick and I in Front. So cool
I love all my family and am so happy to add Ryker to our family. I love you Court and ryker, Alaria
Thanks Mom for helping me with the pics!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Friday Parties

Friday night we had the babysitting group that our family does with families the ward so my parents can have date night. We have three families, ours, the Lindell's, and the Ivey's. We used to have the Hancey's which I have to say I miss because Ethan was my first boyfriend.
Ethan and I at our Halloween costume party
My mom says that we are called "look at each other in the hall and smile friends" We we're friends, we liked to play the same games and stuff. We miss their family.
This Friday we had a party for all the kids in our group that had a birthday in March. We had a cake and sang, we had a lot of fun listening to music and stuff in my room. Here are some pics of us Friday at our house. The Lindell kids are Madison, Jackson, Aidan, and Boston. The Ivey's are Danica, Morgan, Bridger, and Brooke. Then their is Nick and I.
All of us making crazy faces before B-day cake

Me, Maddy,Dani, and Brooke playing in my room

Everyone loving the computer games

We had a lot of fun. I love the group that we get to basically have a party every Friday night.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I love my Uncle Todd and his family!!

I just want to talk about my Uncle Todd and his family. My Uncle Todd is my Moms Brother. So it is hard for my Mom because we had to move so far away from Colorado. It's also hard for my Uncle's family right now because they are going through a lot we miss them I especially miss my Uncles son. His name is Brady Jorgensen. I love him and he loves me. Do you know how much he loves me? probably not! Well Brady and I were raised together since we were babies.
I loved to push him, if I could move him, haha

We loved to swim at the apartments we lived in with our family, especially Grandpa, still do

We played so hard we would get tired

Grandma had an Easter egg hunt at work, Brady is a cute bunny

At the zoo, Me still trying to pull Brady with Bailees help
 I want to share a few of my favorite memories about Brady.Here's a cute one! Every time he would come to pick me up from kindergarten with Grams, Brady and everybudy would play while they waited for me to get out of class. As soon as the bell rang Brady would literally drop everything he was doing.He would literally push people if he had to. When he would get to me he would literally tackle me. I feel like we have always had a special bond. I really miss him because I can't see him anytime I want. I'm sad that we had to move away from so much famiy that live in Colorado. And I love being able to visit there. I hope he is happy and doing OK since his Dad has had so many scary things happen lately to his body. I love you Brady!!! I hope that my Uncle Todd and aunt Michele will get better. I hope Bailee and Brady will have fun at school and being kids, and I am jealous that I don't get to see my Grams who is there right now helping Todd with his leg. She is from idaho and I miss her a lot and love her. I'm so glad she helps everyone in the family when they need her. I wish I was there with them.
Here is Brady and I a lot older. We have a lot of fun at grandma and grandpas during the summer. I will have to post about our summer adventures later. Im trying to talk about my cousins so I will remember them. Here are some pictures of Brady and I .
Brady and I last summer in Idaho

Brady and I in Colorado

playing at our fav mall in colorado

My birthday party
I have a lot of picstures to share of brady. Too many to pick from. I can't wait to see him again. Until again ME!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Very First Post

Well this is my very first post for my new journal. It is very hard to learn to type. It is taking me FOREVER! Because I'm new to this. But I want to keep my memories.
I want to talk about shool. I'm doing well. Do you know why? Because I'm being tested for the gifted program for next year. My parents have a meeting this thursday with the gifted program advisors. So I will know more then. The only thing I don't like about shool is that my best friend, Hailey, moved away last year. But she did get to spend the night while visiting.
Hailey and I

The Norton's and us Chillin!

Well it's getting late and I have homework and have to eat dinner. I am so excited to add more details. Especially about my family and cousins. I love all of them and want to write about them and some of my favorite times witht them. It will be fun to write all about my life. Nice typing practice too!